Monday, April 25, 2005

Aw, how cute. Baby's first tatoo!

Alec's idea of fun: put a lick-on tatoo on the baby and then have my mom change his diaper.

Luke, looking stunning in his diaper and scorpion tatoo:


And in the bath:


He just looks too innocent to have a scorpion on his tummy! It should be a cute little teddy bear or chickie, if anything.


Mom Underground said...

You know this already, of course, but Luke is really adorable. I checked out your Photostream and he's very cute. Good job, guys! :)

Katie said...

Yeah, we sure had a lot to do with it. God don't make junk!

Anonymous said...

And let it be known that Grandma did not scream and squawk when she happened upon the varmint - I think Grandma knows to be on the be on the alert for pranksters.