Monday, May 09, 2005

No more mullet

Tonight we decided to cut Luke's hair. The sides are pretty much worn off and just the fuzzy, new, big-boy hair. The top doesn't show signs of falling out any time soon. It's actually getting longer and was looking kind of silly next to the almost invisible fuzz. We had to cut the back, too, because if we left it, it would've looked like a mullet.

Here's the before picture:


(Kind of hard to tell how long the top is since it's on the other side, but just trust me.)

And the after picture:


Luke was quite tired, but Alec used the buzzer to do the back and he didn't mind it a bit. Tomorrow after his bath I'm going to start combing it to the other side. No use fighting that little swirl in the back.


Mom Underground said...

Very dashing do, Luke.

MOM said...

In Florida a mullet is small fish that they smoke and eat - what am I missing here?

TBG said...

That is one very handsome baby! I love the new haircut.

MLE said...

Mom apparently lived in our few hick states in a state of oblivion--dad, help her out! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, those pictures confirm that you guys have EXCELLENT genes.