Sunday, May 08, 2005

Oh, well. I tried.

Yesterday was my first attempt at selling any of my handicrafts to the general public. I guess the "general public" isn't very concerned about well made articles for kids. I sold nothing. However, I did give out THREE cards to people who seemed interested but hadn't brought any money. I think the problem was that this wasn't really the right kind of place to sell these things. It's mostly a fun day for families with little kids - moonbounce, pony ride type thing.

But, at least a few people seemed like they understood the quality.

Here's a picture of my stash before we set out to cross the street (we live across from the town hall, so it was easy for me to bring everything over - I just loaded up the stroller!):

the stash

And here's a picture of Luke occupying himself while we were over there:

elephant rattle

At least it was a nice day and I got to talk to a few people in our neighborhood. Also gave out the phone number of our church to the lady next to me. We got to talking and it turns out she's from Brazil. There is a Brazilian Fellowship at our church and we started ESL classes a few months ago. Maybe the day wasn't a total loss after all!


Mom Underground said...

Unbelievable. Keep trying! Your stuff is worth it.

MLE said...

bummer dude, but I guess that does leave a few burp cloths and blankets that you can send my send 'em. I'll pay ya, promise.