Wednesday, June 22, 2005

First "real" food

Tonight we fed Luke his first "real" food. All it really was was some milk with rice cereal flakes in it. I think he was a little confused as to why he now has to eat the same thing off a spoon that doesn't hold much and dribbles it down his chin. He actually did pretty well - didn't spit it out. Alec was worried that he didn't get enough to eat, but I think the point right now is not that it's a meal but to get him used to the spoon. I think maybe tomorrow I'll try some banana instead - it's a little thicker and the flavor is different enough that maybe there will be some satisfaction in the job.

Here's a picture of him before we got started. Alec took some video, but we forgot an "after" picture. He really wasn't very messy, just had a saturated bib.


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