Monday, July 04, 2005

First Fourth

Today is Luke's first Fourth of July. Not really all that exciting since we won't be going to any fireworks - past bedtime. However, he is learning to sit up by himself after being propped up by someone else.


I know it looks like he's just propped up on the couch, but he really can balance by himself!


Plus, a few days ago he finally learned how to roll back onto his back from his tummy. Unfortunately it seems he's forgotten he knows how to do it and still gets "stuck" on his tummy - a big pain at 2 am! But maybe we're past that now - last night he slept straight through from 8:30 to 6, which is OK, but I'm really not a morning person and I'd almost prefer a 5 am feeding if he'd sleep again until 8! Adjustments for all, I guess.

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Grandpa B said...

Ah, Katie, I think Luke is teaching you about flexibility as he is learning to do those cool things like sitting up and turning over! He does look like he's enjoying himself...