Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The new face

Yesterday I noticed Luke doing something new with his mouth. He puts his upper lip way over the bottom one and sucks. I don't know why - is it a concentration thing, a teething thing, a need to suck and he doesn't have the pacifier? He even does it when he's eating, which means he ends up with banana or sweet potato or squash or whatever halfway down his chin.

Here are a couple pictures of him doing it. Notice the new toy - loves blocks! And that bucket - oooh weee!

(I know that one looked like half a dozen others I've posted, but it's still cute!)



OK, he wasn't doing it on those, but now these next ones you can really see it, especially the last one.



Almost looks like he's working on something, but that's a completely different face!


TBG said...

What a cutie pie. He is getting so big. Love the pictures. Oh he is just so kissable.

mom said...

My goodness what concentration! I think I'd like him in my Kindergarten class. He's either going to be a mathematician or a builder - go figure.

Grandpa B said...

Love the concentration! If he starts sticking his tongue out while "working", then it's definitely his Great-grandpa VerHoef's genes.

Mom Underground said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you see teeth in the coming weeks! I love his hair. It's "electric." :)

MLE said...

Man is he cute. I get to see him in 8 days!! Yippee!