Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flashback - for Anne

The other day, Anne said she wasn't photogenic. I disagreed and said I would get out the old photos to prove it. She called my bluff, so here they are - a little walk down memory lane, if you will.

A little history first:

Anne wrote to me when my family still lived in Iowa before our move to the big city of Sheboygan. She had started the year before at the school I would be attending and very nicely corresponded with me for about a semester. I don't know if she knew how much her letters meant to me - I saved them for many years in my box of "special" things.

We were pretty much instant friends - there weren't many kids in our class (26) and the girls were pretty catty. I idolized Anne, though. Probably because of her fashion sense and beautiful hair - I always struggled with my looks and trying to feel like I fit in. I never felt like I knew how to "do" my hair and Anne's was always perfect. We had a lot of fun, though, and passed many a note in code making fun of the rest of the class. Remember Chip & Dale, Fifi/Crayola Woman, LUCY, and ACDC?

Anyway, it was only 2 years and then we went to college. We had a little fight our second year - I was sure Anne didn't like me anymore and I wasn't sure I liked her, either. I did something stupid and she said some nasty things to me, but in retrospect I think she was under the influences of a certain co-ed. Am I right? Then my family moved to Florida and I moved to Maryland and we kind of lost touch.

Anne got in touch with me again when she/I got married (I don't remember which it was) and we e-mailed a few times, but things were busy for us both. Then last year I e-mailed her when Luke was born and now we both spend way too much time on the computer, but at least we're friends again.

I found a few old pictures and a graduation card from her. At the end, the card says "Let's always be friends." Something cheesy lots of people put in grad cards, but I think Anne meant it and I'm glad we've "met" again.

Here we are at our Junior/Senior Banquet (no prom at a Christian school) in our junior year. See what I mean about the hair?
jr/sr banquet 1993

And just for fun - here's Anne's mom. She was the art teacher at our school.
mrs graven

Here we are on "Twin Day." Oh, to be so young looking again! I was trying to be taller and Anne was trying to be shorter.
twin day

Our yearbook staff in 93/94. Anne was the editor and I was her right-hand lackey - we put in lots of pictures of ourselves and our friends.
93/94 yearbook

OK, now you can vote on who's more photogenic. Me with my killer flute or Anne doing a half time routine (ha! we were so NOT cool!).
killer flute halftime routine

Here we are at Jr/Sr Banquet 94 with our friend Jackie. Again, this is why I thought Anne was the bomb. I was short and compact; Anne was tall and leggy.
jr/sr banquet 1994

Here we three are again, modeling our end-of-the-year, out-on-a-limb hair dyes (the wash out kind - we weren't THAT crazy). Jackie did some sort of red tint, I did a dark brown, and Anne was so daring - I think she dyed her hair the same color it already was. Somehow we all ended up looking the same, though.
clairol girls

Well, that's it for my little flashback. I couldn't find my good pictures of our class trip, but I did find one of Anne and her high school boyfriend. Whoever thought it was a good idea to get your senior pictures taken with your high school boy/girlfriend? Like those ever last (well, one in our class did, but.... wouldn't want to be them).


TBG said...

Anne probably shouldnt have called your bluff. Loved the flashback and my god are you right about her hair. It was perfect!

Mom Underground said...

I can't stop laughing. OH MY GOODNESS. Thanks for posting all those pictures!! And I love your commentary, you Perfect Bosscher, you!

Mom Underground said...

By the way, did I ever tell you how the inspiring individual behind ACDC terrorized me my freshman year in college? The guy was CRAZY.

TBG said...

Response to your question left in Anne's Comments about Site Meter...

katie here this is what I posted last week...

To see who is checking your site go to the by referalls section. I dont have a ton of people searching through search engines but I can see how people find me through other blogs and comment sections, etc. Oh and like I said I love to see all their locations!