Thursday, November 10, 2005

How much do I love books?

So much that I even read in the bath!




Luke was so excited to be in the tub WITH A BOOK. I wish I could include a sound clip, he was squealing and chattering so much. (Side note to Auntie Em - notice the "man boobs" are slimming down. He seems to be thinning out a bit.)

Lately he has been very interested in books, especially ones with pictures of people. Actually any pictures of people - on the fridge, on the walls, on the computer - make him go gaga. It's pretty cute. He sits on the floor with a book a turns it over and over and turns the pages and "reads" out loud.

Here's another picture to show you what else he's been up to. He tries to pull himself up on everything now. Usually he stands on his knees and I wouldn't be surprised to see him pull up to his feet soon.

If you click on this picture, you can see a few more pics that I haven't posted.


B said...

It was so great to hear Luke "talk" on the phone. I'm glad his Auntie Beth could make him giggle.
And I just realized what georgous eye lashes that boy has! How come the boys always get the good lashes and will never need them? :)

MLE said...

I never said I was opposed to "man boobs" but I am glad he won't be ridiculed in public. He's so cute--how many days until Christmas?

Uncle Bob said...

Ok, yes he is very cute, but really the snotty and food covered face is quite excellent... I had to laugh at the little guy, but I really hope his cold is doing better now. He is getting so big!! By the way, although the empty Cheerio box would be a breeze to take to Florida for Christmas, does Luke need anything in particular? Or does he want anything in particular? I don't think a mug would be appropriate at his age... coffee isn't the best for little kids...

Gayle and Rob said...

There's no surprise about this boy's love of books! His auntie read while standing on her head, his relatives all list books as Christmas gifts and his family is loaded with teachers! Hey Bob, Luke has his own Amazon list if you're looking for ideas --Grandpa and Grandma haven't bought everything on it yet!