Monday, December 05, 2005

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

How lovely are your branches!


Last Tuesday we put up the tree. Alec and I agree that it is the best tree we've had so far. Just the right shape, the right size, lots of lights, and the right amount of ornaments. Luke likes it, too.


He hasn't really gotten into trouble with it, yet. He likes to look at it and sometimes he touches the lower branches, but I think he knows it's prickly and just to look at. Plus, right now he's more interested in the fireplace and wood pile in that room. Last week he found the fireplace tools and, before I knew it, his hands were covered in soot. He gets mad when we block off access to that part of the room but, that's life, kid.

Friday night the church office staff went out for our Christmas dinner together. Everyone came over to our house afterward for our gift exchange ("Yankee swap" or "rebel swap" depending where you're from) and Luke had fun showing off in his own domain.



MLE said...

Hey, great tree! Now I'll really look like a copy-cat when I put my tree pictures in a few days! Oh well, I'm doing it anyway. Nice shots of Luke too! Only 19 more days!

Bob said...

He's such a show off... he'll be right at home in FL with all the uncle and aunts and grands holding him... Nice tree by the way!

Gayle and Rob said...

You have the perfect bay window for a tree like that - it's beautiful! Looks like Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart.

Katie said...

Yeah, you know me - always trying to be Martha. I could've been her "Apprentice."

TBG said...

Luke looks like he is enjoying his beautiful Christmas Tree!