Saturday, January 28, 2006

Let him eat cake!

Tonight we were planning on having friends over for supper. The short story is that 2 different families had to cancel last minute so we ended up alone. It was OK - we had fun watching Luke.

We got a coupon in the mail for a free birthday cake from the grocery store so I had ordered it for tonight. Since I had to pick it up anyway, we had some for dessert. This was Luke's first cake. I think you'll get a kick out of these pictures.

As soon as Alec put the cake on the high chair tray, Luke tried to touch the candle. Alec thought it might be a good way to teach him about "hot," but I said I wasn't willing to let him learn it that way. What IS a good way to teach that?

He wasn't upset about the candle for long!




Not real sure what to do with the cake, so daddy finally helped out.



Daddy gave some pieces with a little more frosting. What's a first birthday picture without a little frosting?

Sugar shock!

Alec thought we might have trouble with bedtime after all the sugar, but the bedtime routine proved itself again. He's been asleep now for over 2 hours and didn't fuss one peep at bedtime. I read somewhere recently that the story about sugar making kids hyper is actually a myth. Might be so, but I don't think I want to risk it - especially since Alec had trouble with additives/preservatives as a kid and the 2 usually go hand in hand. I think Luke will be just fine without any more cake - at least until next week's 2 more birthday parties!


Gayle and Rob said...

How adorable - grandma is going to have to print off some more pictures! Sorry your friends couldn't share the fun. Re. the mobile - do you think he knows what song he's choosing or is it random? Are there different colors on the buttons that he might be selecting? Curious.

TBG said...

He is so cute!

Happy birthday to your little man.

He looks so happy!