Friday, January 27, 2006

Luke: one year

I know his birthday was really yesterday, but I wanted to wait to write until he'd been to the doctor today so I could share his stats.

First of all, Luke had a good birthday. We had to go to church because it was my day to work. We got there and Auntie Mary was very excited. Luke couldn't care less - it's just another day for him - but she had a present for him. Since he's so excited by all the big trucks moving dirt on the property right now she got him a truck. His first Tonka truck!


It's a garbage truck, but did you notice the package? It's politically correct - a "sanitation" truck. Yeah, well, there's nothing sanitary about it - it hauls away our poopy diapers!


Luke loved it! It rolls really well and has 2 orange cones and 2 garbage cans with it (of course, they are yellow and green and have the recycling symbol on them). There is a button on the side that moves the back hatch up and down. He played with it for all of 5 minutes, so he must have really liked it.

Then in the afternoon, Mrs. Brockman came with another present and some cupcakes with a candle.



He was a little overwhelmed and didn't understand the candle or the singing, but he liked the frosting!

She gave him 2 books about childhood poems - one about "Twinkle, Twinkle" and the other about "There were 5 in the bed."


After supper, we opened the present from Auntie Beth - another telephone (don't worry, B - the other one is different and stays at church)! You can sort of see here how Luke knows what to do with it. He puts the receiver in the crook of his neck under his ear.



He liked how the rotary dial makes noise and the eyeballs move.

And now for the one-year update:

weight - 22 pounds, 6 ounces (less than 2 pounds more than 9 months)
height - 29 1/2 inches (the same as 9 months)
head - 18 3/4 inches (1/4 inch larger)

I was surprised to find out that he is only in the 50th percentiles for both height and weight. Not surprised to hear that his head circumference was in the 90th!

This doctor visit was not as easy as the last regular check-ups have been, I think because he recognized the doctor from when he was sick (the same doctor that dug around in his ears). He sat on my lap the whole time crying big tears, then loudly when the doctor examined him. It was the first time that he cried so hard that when he calmed down he still shuddered for a while. And of course by the time I got him calmed down the nurse came to give him his MMR and chicken pox shots.

He is almost walking. He will hold my hand and stand in the middle of rooms, but doesn't try to stand by himself. He likes to walk while pushing things around - his walker, an activity table, empty boxes, chairs, etc.

He has been saying a hard "g" sound lately - trying really hard to say "Kukui" I think. Today it mostly sounds like the classic "goo goo." He says "uh-oh," "mama," "mummum" (yummy). He enjoys fake nose-blowing, also - breathing noisily out his nose while screwing up his face.

He is eating more table food now. On Tuesday he had some of daddy's fish and liked it - yay! He loves cottage cheese, yogurt, cheddar cheese, and is also becoming accustomed to whole milk, which he didn't care for at first. He would eat a whole peach, nectarine, or banana for lunch if I let him. He likes to snack on goldfish, oyster, and graham crackers. He loves lentils and bean soups. There isn't much he doesn't like, except "big people" pasta sauces - I think the tomatoes are a little too acidy yet.

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. I miss the baby Luke, but am thoroughly enjoying this phase too. A friend with high school boys told me a few months ago that she never dwelt on mising the past too much - she always enjoyed her children best at whatever phase they were currently in. Since that conversation I have decided to do the same. I could get really sad about how fast he's growing up, but I think I'll choose to enjoy him as he is right now.


KTP said...

Awww. Sniff.

TBG said...

Already 1! Sounds like he had a great birthday!