Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sleep issues

Well, one of my 2 New Years Resolutions this year was to go back to my "FlyLady" routines and stick to them, with the hopes of lots of good repercussions: dinner planned ahead, dinner ready on time, clean house, more time to sew, better bedtime routine for Luke, better sleep at night for Luke, better sleep at night for me! Monday and Tuesday it worked great. Luke was in bed and asleep by 7:30, the dishes were done, the house was clean - I was feeling pretty good about myself. Yesterday, Luke took a 2 1/2 hour nap and was in bed and asleep by 7:20. Alec had to go attend to some deacon stuff at church, so I started some sewing projects in my new little corner (I rearranged after we took the Christmas tree down and now I have a little "nook").


All was going well until Luke woke up around 10:30. I'm also trying to wean him (another long story) and he started to fuss at me because I wouldn't nurse him. I did just to avoid a conflict, but he didn't go back to sleep well. Between 10:30 and 12:30 I was up with him about 6-7 times. Every time I would be finally warm in bed and almost asleep, he would wake again. I watched him once and he just tossed and turned, really restless. By 12:30 I was cranky and just wanted to sleep; Luke was more fussy and fighting me. He would hit me, pull my hair, and scream - I knew it was because he wanted to nurse back to sleep, but I didn't want to give in.

To make a long story shorter, Alec ended up sitting up with him until he finally fell asleep - AT 2:30! Needless to say, we are both super tired this morning.

Incidentally, Luke is still sleeping now. The little bugger.

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Gayle and Rob said...

Do you think that part of it might still be the ear infection? I remember that Emily could only sleep on our shoulder when she had an ear infection and the only time she ever bit down hard while nursing was when we discovered she had her first one - 6 months old.