Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cousin Mike

Saturday afternoon I get a phone call from Mike, freshman in college. He and 4 guys are on spring break and taking a road trip. Long story short, we met for supper last night and they spent the night here (at our insistence after we found out they were "Wal-Mart-ing it" - you can figure that one out). We had a good time getting to know them and watched the new Harry Potter movie. They left this morning to go visit some more monuments and museums and then head west to go camping in the mountains for a few days. I hope it doesn't snow on them!

It has been almost a year since we saw Mike at grandma's birthday party last April. It was good to catch up. Really nice bunch of guys with him, too. They had fun playing with Luke.


Luke doesn't sit still as well as he did last time Mike held him!


Funny story: When the guys got here yesterday I was in the kitchen getting them some water and I heard them laughing. I went back into the living room and Luke was on Mike's lap. He had picked up Luke and held him like an infant (cradled) and the guys asked him what he was doing (Luke was squirming since he doesn't like being held like that anymore). Mike replied, "Supporting his neck! Babies' heads are floppy!"

Here they are when Luke's head was still "floppy."



MLE said...

That is such a cute picture--and so nice you were able to have a surprise visit. How nice of you with only one bathroom! :) Glad Mike could see you and Luke again--looks like fun.

Gayle and Rob said...

How cute! You know I think that Luke's hair is lying down pretty well in those pictures - do you have a new technique or a new gel? Glad you could host Mike for a night.