Monday, March 13, 2006

Shorts! Open windows!

This weekend was very late-spring-like. We opened up the windows, did yard work, and took a nice walk around the lake. Luke enjoyed the Canada geese, ducks, and swing at the park.

Today the temps even got into the 80s. Luke wore his new birthday shortalls from grandma. Like the cats, he enjoys looking out the open windows.


He has been busy climbing in and out of things lately. Usually it is the toy basket in his room - he especially likes to climb in, crawl under the handle (very difficult), and then out the other side. Today he found another basket that he could stand in.


In this picture he had just stepped out of the basket and onto a wrapped plastic fork/napkin from KFC. The plastic wrapping got stuck to his right foot and he couldn't figure how to get it off. He kept lifting his left foot. He didn't get it off himself (I helped after he started whining in frustration) but he did stand on one leg for an impressively long time!


TBG said...

The weather was beautiful here as well! I am loving it!

B said...

Enjoy the nice weather! It was 70's last week and then snowed again. Now it's 28 degrees. Ah, Colorado... Luke's flamingo move is definately impressive! I think he's gearing up to start walking soon.

Odd Mix said...

He is so cute. I love the image of him standing on one leg.

After this weather, how are we going to cope with the cold this weekend. It's like the weather is bipolar.

aunt Cindy said...

guess who we're going to have supper with tonite...Luke's grandpa and grandma. They're coming in time to see Isaac cuz I'm babysitting him today. Yea!