Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Long Day

Today we spent all day at church. Since it's Lent and coming up on Easter, there are a lot of services. Because we don't have our own building, we are having a church service on Wednesday at the church we rent for non-Sunday occasions (they, of course, need it on Thursday and Friday, which are the traditional days to have services). Plus, we are having prayer services at our study center on Thursday and Friday. Well, Dr. Clark's idea of prayer services turned out to be services requiring bulletins as well.

So by next Thursday I will have done 5 bulletins: one yesterday for Palm Sunday, one today for Wednesday, 3 more to go next week.

Luke was a real trooper. He is in a very annoying whiny phase right now, but he did pretty good considering that he was basically in the same room all day. He found new places to play - turns out my desk drawer is a pretty good box to climb into (and a good step up to reach the pacifier mommy tried to hide).


When we got home, we took a walk to the playground for some real playing. I figured he probably needed some undivided attention for a while since he'd been pretty much on his own all day. Luke went on the swings, the bouncy teeter-totter animal head thingy, and the slide. He also enjoyed pointing at dogs and people walking by.

Then, when daddy got home, they went outside to fill the bird feeders. Alec put a patio chair out for Luke to sit on and you would've thought it was Christmas, birthday, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one! He was so excited to be outside with daddy, he kept laughing and kicking his feet. His whole body was bouncing up and down.


Here's the close-up. He's not waving at me, it's just part of his happy dance.


And another, for good measure:


It's always nice to end the day on a good note.


Gayle and Rob said...

Oh my, Grandma is in tears again. I just want to give him a great big hug and not let this cuteness escape. Anymore progress on the taking steps by himself? Can't wait until June!!

MLE said...


B said...

We need some video of this "Happy Dance"! What a cutie!