Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Growth . . . and other stuff

Last Friday Luke had his 15-month check-up combined with a follow-up from his illness the week before. He still has an ear infection and is now on albuterol again for the wheezing and congestion that he just can't kick. This morning I thought he was going to hack up a lung. Poor kid. I hear this is normal for this time of year, what with all the pollen, but it sure is taking a long time to go away.

The good things I found out were his weight and height. I forgot to ask about percentiles again, but I found a nifty website with them and I printed the charts off so I can plot his growth myself. Yes, I'm anal that way, but I like to see it for myself. At 31 1/4 inches, he's in the 50th percentile for height. He is 22 lbs. 12 oz., which is the 25th percentile for weight. I was a little surprised by that, but I think it may be because he'd been sick the week before and probably lost some weight. He'd only gained 6 oz. since his 1 year check-up, but I think it's probably misleading. However, he grew almost 2 inches! I thought he'd been looking taller lately. See for yourself:


Luke is walking. Really and truly. He hardly ever crawls anymore. I don't mind the walking so much, it's the accompanying climbing that frightens me. He is smart - uses overturned trash cans and baskets as steps up onto things he shouldn't be on. He can climb onto the couch and the toilet seat now. I can't count how many times he falls every day, either from unsteady steps or falling off his "stools." Good thing it's not that far.

Yesterday I did some more yard work and it sure is nice to have Luke able to occupy himself outside (and not afraid of grass anymore!). He walks around and plays with my tools, looks in the wheelbarrow, throws his ball around. On Saturday he walked over to me after about an hour and climbed into my lap. He was asking for a nap and went down without a whimper. It's nice to be able to understand some of his communication now.

On Saturday we got a little swing from Target for the tree in the front yard. Money well-spent, I'd say. He's been in there numerous times already - 3 times yesterday! Alec hung it from a chain and it kind of spins around a little like a tire swing, but it's not too bad.




If you let him go for too long without a push, he kicks his legs excitedly. It's pretty cute.


MLE said...

Adorable--and he is getting so tall. I can't wait to see him walk though--I think it will be kind of shocking for me to finally see that in person-a real jump in growth! Hey--is that whole wheezing thing genetic? I wonder if mom sees a pattern in my chest ailments as a really little kid that led to the continual trouble I had growing up with pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma. Maybe it's too early to tell though, but he could very well be in for some on-going susceptibility. He'd come by it honestly!

Either way, he's so cute! I miss him...and you guys!

Katie said...

Yeah, and I wonder about having the cats around, too. I know mom felt bad when she found out you had an allergy after all those years.

Gayle and Rob said...

Love that picture by the frig - can't wait to see him walking!

Bob said...

I thought that some pet allergies were caused by not being around the animals, like how city kids have more allergies than farm kids... maybe I don't know what I'm talking about either... He sure is cute though!

TBG said...

he is getting so big!