Monday, June 19, 2006

Fun with Gramps and Gran

My mom and dad just left after a quick, weekend visit on their way back from West Virginia. Luke warmed up to them pretty quickly, despite not having seen them since Christmas.

Here he is, shortly after they arrived, giving my mom Easter eggs one at a time. He sort of mimicked the sounds of the numbers as she counted each one.

That night we had cake for dessert and Luke showed off his finger-painting prowess.

Playing ball/crawl-thru-the-tunnel with grandma:


And story time with grandpa (not sure why he's playing with his ear):


It was a good visit. And they decided that 6 months is too long between visits so we'll expect them again sometime this fall!


OddMix said...

It looks like a wonderfull time was had by all. And it is nice that they will be back so soon.

MLE said...

Pretty darn cute! I know that feeling--6 months IS way too long! Good thing I get to see him twice this fall as well!

B said...

How freaking cute! I can't wait to see you all!

Tink said...

Its obvious that your parents adore him. It's SO good to see such a healthy and loving family!