Friday, August 11, 2006


Today I got a notice in my e-mail box that I had sold something at an on-line marketplace called Etsy. I had forgotten that I even listed things on there. It was a good reminder for me to update my shop since I had given away some of the things I listed for sale! Thankfully, I still had the towel that was sold. I just have to go to the post office tomorrow and stick it in the mail.

I suppose it would be a good thing for me to tell you all the address in case you want to buy stuff or make a referral (hint, hint). The address is: and, like my previous try, the name is still Kinderstikken. If anyone knows how to make a catchier title bar, I'd be willing to learn. I don't have any sort of publishing program or knowhow so I left the boring title bar as is. I guess it doesn't matter, though. I still sold something.


KTP said...

Kate, this is so great! I want to order something even though I don't need it. Yet. When I update my links again I will put this one on my blog.

KTP said...

Katie, what's going on? UPDATES, please!