Monday, October 30, 2006

A few random thoughts

Today I saw a bumper sticker that looked like any other campaign sticker until I looked closer. It said "Republicans for Voldemort." HA! There are some pretty bad guys in office, but I'm pretty sure Voldemort would NOT be a good write-in choice next week.

Friday night we watched "Nacho Libre." It's Jack Black, so you have to be prepared for some farts and over-acting, but it was pretty funny. The best part was after he'd spent some time in the wilderness and made up a song for the nun he was in love with, Encarnacion. One part went like this - and imagine it sung as a really cheesy 80s-style ballad (hee hee):
I ate some bugs,
I ate some grass,
I used my hand
to wipe my face.

I know, I know. Twelve-year-old boy humor, but I giggled again while I was typing it.

It's really nice out today and supposed to be even nicer tomorrow - in the 70s. I wasn't planning on Luke going trick-or-treating (does a 2-year-old really need a bag full of candy?), but I think I'll let him wear his tiger costume and go over to the neighbor's house. He would wear that thing all day every day if he could. He did on Saturday - even for his nap. I'm hiding it now.

Apples were 69 cents a pound today, so I bought 4 more bags. I'm going to go and make some more applesauce now.


MLE said...

That song reminds me of the song on Shrek at the entrance to the amusement park--I know it's potty humor, but it makes me laugh every time as well!

Funny thing--just the other day, NPR did a look at that Mexican wrestling--what's it really called? Mucho Libre, or something? Anyway, now that I'm informed, maybe I should see this movie!

B said...

They're called "Luchadores" and apparently it's a pretty big deal. But all it reminds me of is the cheesy wrestling of the Hulk Hogan era. I saw that movie in the theater and Seth and I giggled the whole way through. But definitely bathroom humor...