Monday, October 23, 2006

My boy, he loves his hats

Luke never leaves the house without a hat. He points out hats everywhere we are - be it in a book or at the store. Today he walked around with 2 for a while, then pitched a fit when it was time to go to the store and I wouldn't let him go upstairs to get one of daddy's hats.

Here he is pointing to the hats while saying, "hat, hat, hat."

Saturday I went to pick up my latest Craig's List buy. I found a brand new (only been used once around the block) double stroller for about half the price they are in the store. Granted, I could have bought one for $20-30 but those were REALLY old, worn, and don't allow you to put an infant seat in it.

Luke really likes it. He played with the toy that attaches to the front safety bar all the way home. It makes honking and ignition noises. We're in the back yard here since he didn't want to go inside. I used the time to make sure the infant seat actually did fit. It's adequate - doesn't click in like on our other stroller but it comes with a strap thingy that immobilizes it.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the perinatologist (high risk specialist). I have a whole list of things to talk about with him. We'll also be able to find out if the baby is a boy or girl since I have to have a complete sonogram. Stay tuned!

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