Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, it's been a long time since I've updated or included any pictures. No excuses, I just haven't felt like it. I'll try to get you up to speed on what's been happening here.

Alec has been working on fixing up our room. A few weeks ago he painted. The wall behind our bed is now blue and the other walls are sort of a sandy color (which looks pinkish in certain light).

He also took out the little closet in the corner and is now working on patching the walls.

He's going to install cabinets here and build a new sewing desk for me since I'm losing the space in the guest room. Instead of building it from scratch, we decided to use these to make our own configuration. Since they're pretty light wood, he's also going to paint the walls behind them the same blue as behind our bed.

Last night Luke stayed up pretty late while Alec finished screwing down the pieces of drywall. He played with daddy's head lamp and petted the kitty.


We haven't decided what color to paint Luke's room, but I ordered a wallpaper border to put up. It won't come for another 3-6 weeks so we have time to decide.

On Tuesday, I worked on a bunch of sewing projects. I got all the pieces cut out for the rest of Luke's quilt blocks. I'll start sewing them tomorrow. I also made some scrubs for a Christmas present. Luke liked wearing the hat.

They were a little big for him, but the present's not for him anyway.

Luke got a present from Grandma and Grandpa that he opened already.

It's a toy Nativity set.

Funny kid. First thing he wanted to do was make the Baby Jesus ride the donkey.

Today the lady at work gave him some presents, too. She got him a toy helicopter which he played with all morning (and we left at the office so he could play with it tomorrow) and a box of MatchBox cars. He counted them in the box all the way home - "Fee, Seven, Nine!" I let him play with them a little when we got home.

He takes one out, plays with it, puts it back, then gets another. Here he's telling me it's a "moorCYcle" (with the emphasis on CY).

Incidentally, it was a HUGE mistake to let him play with them before nap time. He wanted to sleep with them and when I let him take only one, he cried for 15 minutes. I could hear him over the monitor saying, "cars, cars, cars."

He can now say his prayer before meals by himself without any prompts. I think this is the first thing of significant length that he's memorized.

The baby is kicking up a storm. I guess that's good, but annoying sometimes. I was trying to read a magazine today and it kept jumping around on my belly.

Well, that gets us to today. Luke and I both have dandy colds. Mine's almost gone - I'm in the runny nose phase - and Luke's just started - he's still in the down-in-the-chest-hacking phase. Hopefully this will pass quickly, but he doesn't really complain, just tells me "coughing, mama." We'll lay low tomorrow and nap.


MLE said...

Wonderful pictures! He is looking so grown up. I really like your bedroom color--way to go bold and colorful! I vote for the dusty blue that outlines some of the trucks for the wall color in Luke's room, in case you wanted any suggestions!

Shirley & Paul said...

Katie, is that your creative quilt hanging above the bed? Cool! You and your Mom and Sarah should share ideas on quilting. I'll try to send pictures of some of hers some day. Have several hanging in our home. And some of your Mom's as well!
Aunt Shirley

Gayle and Rob said...

Love the scrubs - reminds me of the year that you and Emily got the little nurse outfits. Do you have a pattern for those I could borrow?