Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some days are diamonds . . .

. . . some days are stone.

Today is sort of a turquoise day. It's a nice rock, but it's no diamond.

First the bad - to get it over with. I just talked to Dr. Kramer, my diabetes doctor. It's been a week since I saw him so I had faxed him my glucose numbers yesterday. I knew he wouldn't be happy. They jump all over the place and I don't know what to eat for breakfast anymore. I'm pretty much down to a tiny bran muffin, an egg, and water. And today after eating that I still was over what I should be at. He wants to see me again next week instead of waiting 2 more and I have to go on medication. Of course I cried after hanging up because I felt like a failure, but the more I think about it the better it seems. I’m doing what I can – if a pill can help, GOOD. And that's all I'm going to think about it for now.

Now for the lighthearted.

At lunch today Luke saw a truck go by which prompted him to say 50 million times in a row, "truck, truck, stinky truck, garbage truck, truck, stinky truck." For some reason he is fascinated by garbage trucks right now and calls them stinky trucks occassionally. Today he did his little dialog and then threw in, "poop truck." I almost spit out my taco laughing. Where did that come from? I guess he related 'stinky' to 'poop' and assumed there must be poop in the garbage truck (he's right, too - it's HIS poop).

Then later I was checking some e-mails and I heard him in the kitchen saying, "mouse eat." I wondered what he was doing so I peeked - and then ran to get the camera. Here's what I saw:

Kukui had dropped his toy mouse into his food dish (he puts favorite toys in with his food) and Luke saw it there. If you can look closely, he is holding a toy mouse and pretending to put bits of cat food into its mouth. I guess he thought it was hungry.

Then he nicely put it back where he found it.


B said...

Good attitude with the meds, Kate. It's hard when you don't want to go on them, but you did everything you could. That's why God invented medicine - to help when we can't do it ourselves anymore. And be proud of yourself for making it almost 8 months without it! As for your son...I guess we can be proud of his grasp on word associations. And I choked on my water when I read that! :)

MLE said...

I'm glad there is medication that can help. I know I would be a lost worse off if I didn't have my glucophage to take every day. I hope that this helps keep you on a more even keel!

Lisa said...

I agree--good attitude about the meds! I hope it means you can eat more than that for breakfast too! My goodness, I eat more than that and I'm not pregnant! I love that your son is polite enough to put stuff back where it belongs!