Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Firsts

Happy Spring!

Today we ventured out for the first time on our own (the 3 of us). We went to the grocery store this morning, which worked out pretty well. Luke sat in the grocery cart and I carried Erin in a baby sling. I think I'll hold off on going to Aldi for a while, though - you have to bag your own groceries. I'll willingly pay the little extra for someone else to do that for me right now. **

Then, after lunch, we took a walk to the park. We used the double stroller for the first time. It worked OK, but is hard to steer when Luke is riding in the front. He wanted to walk home, though, which was nice for 2 reasons - easier to steer and he was ready for a nap when we got home!


Sunday evening we tried a bottle with Erin. We were never really successful with giving Luke a bottle - I guess I never really tried hard enough - but I would like to more with Erin so other people (especially Daddy) can feed her, too. She gobbled it down without a problem, drinking almost 5 ounces!

Luke has been really good lately, with only an occassional scream and fit here and there. He's been into playing with Legos lately and is doing much better than he has in the past. He doesn't get frustrated quite as easily - probably because his fine motor skills are a little better now.
His favorite thing to do is build towers.


**I've been playing the Grocery Game for a month now so I can feel free to recommend it to you all. This week I saved $40.68 on a $113.54 bill (that means I paid $72.86 - well under my weekly budget) and last time I went I saved about $60 on a $135 bill. Try it for yourself - if you do, make sure you put that I recommended you, since I can get free time if I get other people to try it. If you need my e-mail address, let me know.


Sharon said...

What a joy to see my boy as a father and feeding his little girl. It brings tears to my eyes but they are joyful ones. Alec was a Lego builder too so Luke's pictures are new memories. Thanks for sharing them.

graymama said...

Good luck with the bottle! I wish we would have tried it more with Buddy.

BTW, I found you from KTP, and here is a website with a video to help you learn how to cable, when you have the time that is!