Monday, April 02, 2007

The best seat in the house

For Erin, there are several MANY spots that are the best, as long as she's being held or jiggled. Examples:

On her tummy being held by Mommy

Being held by Auntie Em, who, alas, has gone back to Illinois (doesn't matter if the holder is also sleeping)

In the bouncy seat, as long as there is a blanket to block out the light

For Luke, the best spots are with Daddy, preferrably with a "stack" (he likes anything that can be stacked) of pillows.



Gayle and Rob said...

So, are we stacking pancakes and waffles and books and blankies this week? We're on our way in just three hours and I'm so excited I'm jumping out of my skin!!

Sharon said...

Yeah! A new one to hold. Hope you have great fun with the FL grandparents. I'm with you, Gayle, I can't wait to get to MD. See you all soon. Sharon