Thursday, April 26, 2007


Erin is so happy I've been calling her "Smiley Maile" lately. I can get her to smile, even when she is gassy and upset. Here she is today in the swing.



I couldn't catch it on the camera this time, but lots of times I can get her to laugh, too. A big, wide, open-mouthed grin.


Gayle and Rob said...

I think this little girl is starting to remind me more and more of her Auntie Em. The dark hair, the big grins, the younger sibling of the helpful older child. So precious.....

MLE said...

Yeah! She is so cute. And I'll admit I feel like I have quite a connection with her! Maybe I'm stretching, but as the proud aunt, I'm taking that claim no matter what. She does look a bit like my baby pictures.

Sharon said...

Hi, I'm back from Mall of America to the cutest pictures of Smiley Maile. My, how she has changed in just a little bit. Hugs and hugs.