Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mmmm, perfect

Today I used a new gadget from my mother-in-law. All you bakers with a bit of disposable income -- listen up! It is a "Roul'Pat" made by Demarle, a company that makes baking pans out of woven glass and silicone. Maybe you've heard of a Silpat (Martha Stewart loves them)? Same company. The Roul'Pat is a silicone mat for rolling out dough - you don't need flour and nothing sticks to it! I also have a mini-cupcake pan that makes perfect little brownies and a round pan that you can bake just about anything in. The great thing about these is that you don't have to use flour or pan spray and they're flexible - you basically turn them inside-out to get the stuff out or clean them. You can even roll them up to store them, a plus for people with not much storage space (like me!).

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Sharon said...

Glad you are enjoying and using the Demarle. We had the Mothers' Day Luncheon yesterday at our church. One of the desserts was brownies from the mini cupcake pan. The gal asked to do desserts is a D representative. She did a cake, cheesecakes and the brownies. I wanted to send Luke and Alexis brownies -- I think I'll have to just come visit and make some. Sharon