Saturday, June 09, 2007

I will suck them here or there . . .

I will suck them anywhere!
I do so like my chubby hands,
I do so like them, Sam I Am!




Luke got a new fire truck today from my aunt. He LOVES it.




And in other, more disgusting news -- so far today (it's 8:45 so there's still time left) we've changed 7 poopy diapers between the 2 kids. No one is sick, just had a lot of fruit. I think the end total record will be 8 because I just heard Erin making some noise. Ick.

Update: the end total was 10! Right after the bath (which took care of #8) Erin dirtied another as soon as the clean one was on. Repeat performance with the next one at bed time.

Oh, and Luke took the fire truck to bed with him. I think he finally fell asleep around 9:45 because that's when I stopped hearing him playing with the ladder.


Bob said...

Eww a poopy post..... very cool fire truck however!

KTP said...

Imagine if you ran a daycare, Our daycare lady told she counted 25 diaper changes in one day. EW.

Gayle and Rob said...

OK, I'm impressed with the output! Hopefully little Miss Food Conveyor is cleaned out (& up) and ready for us mid-week. Loved the stories - I'd play with the fire truck for as long as I could also. I think you should get a medal for the clean-up work, but I have no idea what it would look like...

Gayle and Rob said...

Who sent the truck? It's really cool!

Katie said...

The only aunt who would send something - Pat. She sent a whole bunch of cute outfits for Erin, too.

B said...

What cuties! I love that Erin sucks the same fingers as Bob did - and you never have to worry about losing a pacifier! Glad to see that Luke is still a truck boy!

Katie said...

Bob sucked the first 2, B. Erin sucks the middle 2.