Sunday, July 15, 2007

HP minus 6

Six more days until the final Harry Potter book is released! Until then, amuse yourself with these:

The Official Harry Potter website

J. K. Rowling's Official website

The Harry Potter Wikipedia entry
Actually very interesting, with lots of links.

Harry Potter personality quiz

What Harry Potter Character are You?

Hermione Granger

You are a smart and intelligent person. You use your smarts to help out friends. You can be emotional at times but you always seem to be in the mood to help someone out.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz

Quizzes and Personality Tests

Free Harry Potter fonts

Parry Hotter
Harry P


MLE said...

Ok, I just spent about 40 minutes on the JK Rowling home page and it is driving me nuts! Sometimes I'll click on something and it'll get shiny and disappear, but I have no idea what it means! There are some pages that I want to figure out the secret (why does the doorknob turn and the light go on and off, but nothing else?). I am not a natural at all this, but I sure wish I knew all the secrets! And, as it turns out, I'm Hermione Granger as well.

Bob said...

haha sadly I'm Hermione too... I'm not sure what that means, but what ever. I think it's because I did well in school and put reading as a hobby...

But enough of that, I need to shower and then Bee and I are going to see the 5th movie!! Woo Hoo!!

Mom Underground said...

Hey - did you see that Mimsies is pregnant??