Saturday, July 07, 2007

A photo update

It's been about a week since I put up pictures, so here are a few from the past couple of days.

Erin is trying really hard to roll over. I'd say a few more weeks and she'll do it.

Bob sent the stuff that Mom meant to bring when they visited last month. Luke is enjoying the MatchBox car mat.


Luke got some new shortalls. He had a few pairs last summer and I was kind of missing them -- they're so cute. I found this pair with construction trucks on it at Value Village. I think they were about $3 -- Mondays are 25% off!

Luke and Erin on their "snuggle blankies." The 2 pictures are pretty similar but I like how Erin is watching Luke in the first one and the second one shows how Luke still likes to lay down with one leg propped up on the other (can you tell he was saying "cheese?"


And the best for last. This one is currently our computer wallpaper. Such a happy baby - still "Smiley Maile." And don't those fat rolls make you just want to squeeze her?


Gayle and Rob said...

I think Erin is taking afer her grandpa Bosscher in the chubba department. Let's hope she doesn't beat his record of 36 pounds at a year. The two of them sure are cute!!!

Sharon said...

What adorable grandchildren we have. Thanks to their parents for the precious joy they bring us.

B said...

What a chub!!! I love how happy and cute she is!