Thursday, September 20, 2007

6-12 my foot!

I've had to haul out cold season clothing this week. It's fun with a baby because everything is new - a whole new wardrobe to choose from every day!

We had one failure already. This cute little union suit said it was 6-12 months, but I beg to differ. Erin may be large, but she's not THAT large.


Even Daddy got out his long sleeves.



We got a new couch, did I tell you that? It was quite a saga, but the end result was that it did not fit through the doorway to the room we wanted it in. It's in the living room now, but Alec has figured out a way to get it in the family room before Beth comes for her visit. He said it will be our secret so I won't spell it out for you, but here are Alec and Luke working on it.




It has been really nice out in the evenings lately so we've been staying outside until dark and then having dinner late. Erin likes riding in the sling (and I like not having to carry her full bulk around in my arms!).



Guess who likes her pacifier again? I'm a little sad that she doesn't suck her fingers anymore - it was so cute!



Erin has a cold so today we stayed home from Mom's Group so she could nap. Luke and I had a jammie morning - we're still in our jammies right now actually. When Erin wakes up, we'll go look around the pet store and maybe go to Costco.


That's the new couch, under all the sheets and blankets (anti-cat-fur).


MLE said...

I absolutely love all these pictures! Erin's grin is so beautiful, but the stuffed sausage look really made me laugh! You're lucky it's nice there--we're in the upper 80s again this week and sweating through our school days. I love Luke's concentration on being a helper to his dad! And, those jammies on Luke look very familiar and so cute on him!
Thanks for putting more pictures up--I know these may seem like mundane events at times to you, but it makes my day to see new pictures of the kids as they grow!

Gayle and Rob said...

Ditto on Auntie Em's comments. The little "sausage" picture is probably not one that Erin will want to have around when she's in middle school - but it's sure cute now. That outfit must have been mislabled! I really don't want time to fly any faster, but I sure am looking forward to seeing all four of you again!

B said...

Man you've got a good looking family. I can't wait to see you all in a couple weeks! Seeing Luke "helping" Alec reminds me of Bob walking around the kitchen with Dad's hammer pounding on all the nails. Amazing how most kids end up doing the same things. Very cool.

Katie said...

Well, what kid doesn't like to make a lot of noise and hit things?

Bob said...

By the way, the 6-12 label doesn't mean a thing! After working for a while in retail, I've come to realize that mass produced clothing can vary widely in sizes as manufacturing in other countries isn't necessarily always as consistent as we would like. I've also seen jeans mislabeled by two sizes! So that can happen too! My only suggestion, try everything on before you buy it, and keep your receipts!
Oh, sizes also vary by company/store. Sometimes by a lot!

Mom Underground said...

I love her Michelin Man look. So cute!