Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What the doctor asked

"So, is she a good eater?"

Ha. Ha.


Yesterday was Erin's 6-month check-up. She is 27 inches tall and weighs a whopping 19 lbs, 14 oz (12 more ounces than Luke at this age but the same length). She is definitely off the charts for both measurements. She had an oral rotovirus medication, 4 shots, and blood taken from her big toe to check for anemia. She didn't fuss a bit during the exam but cried during the "boo boos" (what the doc calls the shots) and looked at me like, "why are you doing this to me, mama?" She is a little warm today and one of the injection sites is hot so I gave her some Tylenol before her nap. Of course, she doesn't complain a bit. Such a happy little girl.


The doctor was impressed that she sits without any help. It's handy for me, too. Now I can set her down without worrying that she's going to tip over and bang her head. She still does every now and then, but not so much anymore.


Hard to believe so much happens in 6 little months.


Gayle and Rob said...

Praise the Lord for a healthy and growing baby! And so adorable!

chichimama said...

So cute! And a good eater indeed!

B said...

I can't wait to see her!!!!!