Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Today Luke is 3. I can't believe it.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.

We got Luke a tricycle for his birthday. It will last a long time - the seat is as low as it can go and his legs are still too short when he turns the handlebars. He was very excited when Daddy put it together the other night.

He sure grinned for a long time.


We let him ride around in the living room for a little while before he went to bed. He's not so good at steering yet so he mostly just went back and forth. Here's a little bad-quality-no-sound video of him riding for the first time (password = lukerin)

Yesterday we had a little party for him at lunch with a few of his friends. They played nicely together and some of them colored for a while before we ate. I gave Luke a little scissors and he made tiny paper pieces instead of coloring.

He's a lefty and he cuts pretty well but he doesn't hold it correctly. He wouldn't listen to me when I tried to correct him. The same thing happened when he was learning to hold a pencil. I noticed that when he came back from CBS after a few times he was doing it properly so maybe I'll talk to his teacher about the scissors issue. Maybe he'll listen to someone else.

(I got new glasses before Christmas.)


Yum. Chocolate cupcake (or "cukcape" as Luke says).

We got some new furniture in the living room. I'll put up some pictures of it later. Now there are lots of new places for Erin to explore - and get into trouble.

One of the presents Luke got was a little toy drill set. I think I heard drilling noise for 15 minutes straight yesterday before his nap. He says he is "fixing" things. I don't think he realizes that a drill makes holes - he probably thinks it is like Daddy's screwdriver.

He got so many new MatchBox cars that we went to Target to spend some of his birthday money on something to keep them all in.

And a race track so he doesn't just carry all the cars around. Now he can actually do something fun with them. It's pretty cool - there is a button to push so all 4 go at the same time and there are little numbers at the bottom that flip up when the cars go through so you know which one was first.
(Thanks Uncle Bob and Auntie Beth!)

Tonight we'll open the rest of the presents from Grandma & Grandpa and Auntie Emily. I hope he doesn't think he'll be getting presents every day now. A whole bunch of his friends have birthdays coming up so I guess we'll be learning about giving now, too.

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MLE said...

Love the new glasses Kate! Luke's grin is infectious. What fun.