Saturday, March 01, 2008

One of *those* days

And by *those* I mean it's now 9:30 and I'm not really sure what I did today. Both kids got fed and had naps, but I'm not sure if I was really productive since I can't remember what I did all day.

Here's what I do remember.

I kept the kids out of the family room while Alec did this:


6 new can lights


insulation in the attic above

I watched Erin do her favorite new exercise in her exersaucer. Click here and use password "lukerin." (Sorry about the poor quality; I don't know why it downloaded like that.)

I helped Luke clean up a huge wet accident in his pants. The kid just won't go to the bathroom by himself. He has NEVER gone at his own instinct, only waits for me to ask if he needs to or until he wets all over himself. ARGH.

I made a cool new little hair clip thingy for Erin. It actually stays in. Now if only her hair were a tiny bit longer and less stick-uppy it might look a little better.


I enjoyed watching her eat her supper.


I am NOT enjoying hearing her STILL not sleeping upstairs right now. She went to bed around 7:30 and is still chatting and borderline fussing. I don't think she can sleep well because her nose is so full of crud.

Well, that was my day. I guess I don't have to have a whole list of things checked off, but it would make me feel better at the end of a day if I did.


bob said...

I like the new lights! They make that room look good. Way to go Alec!

Anonymous said...

A.C says...I think it's Erin's hair that makes her look so much like Kendra...

Gayle and Rob said...

Katie, you're like your mom, and on the days she's concerned that she's not getting things done, I tell her to make a shorter list. Or you could take an average between you and Alec -- I think that the sum of what the two of you accomplished on Saturday was significant!
Alec, the lights look great! I'm sure that the whole atmosphere of the family room has changed. Where is the access to the family room attic?