Monday, April 21, 2008

Tattoos and Crab walks

Conversation heard today during lunch:

Luke: This is my tattoo, mom.

Me: Oh, really. Where did you get it?

Luke: From a tattoo shop.

Me: When?

Luke: From when I was in 1st grade and I was big.

Me: Hmmmm. Looks like dirt to me.

Luke: No! It's a tattoo, you silly mom!

Well, silly me. I wonder what he'll do when it comes off in the tub tonight.


Erin has begun to give up crawling - at least normally. She started doing it last week when she didn't like the feel of the grass on her legs out in the yard and now she does it in the house, too. She does a kind of crab walk on all fours with her little heiny sticking up in the air.


She also figured out how to go down the step in the family room last night - I helped her a tad. She crawled up and then couldn't get down again so she sat there playing a little game with herself. She would throw her pipe down, say uh-oh, lean forward and grab it, then do it over again. And again. And again. It was cute at first, but soon got annoying since she doesn't actually say uh-oh, just sort of hums it. I tried to show her how Luke had done it when he was her age - flat on the tummy, "walking" out on his hands until his rear followed. She didn't like that and so invented her own way, which really is much easier anyway.

Sit on the step first:

Turn around and go from there:

What a smart girl!


In other news, I planted a few vegetables in some of our big unused pots on Saturday. Hopefully I'll have some tomatoes and beans. I had a bunch of other seed packets that I was going to plant when I figured out where to put them. Unfortunately, I left them outside in a bucket and it has rained for the past 30 hours. All my seed packets are soaked. I hope I can sort them out once the rain stops and maybe plant them anyway tomorrow. We'll see what happens. They've probably already started germinating in the bucket.


MLE said...

Wow does she look cute and lady-like in that skirt! Question: if someone claims they want something on Freecycle, but doesn't make arrangements about pickup, how long do you give them until you give it to someone else? Just curious how mean to be. :)

bob said...

In that one photo of Erin, sitting on the step, she looks like a photo of Beth, grinning like that when she was little... maybe I'm crazy, but I'm certain of it... I can almost see the picture.
She sure is cute!
And I'm surprised to learn Luke has already been in the 1st grade! How time flies!

Gayle and Rob said...

So, what did happen when the tatoo disappeared in the tub? What an imagination!