Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now I get it

I had a little revelation this morning about why my mom used to leave cups of cold coffee around the house. We used to tease her about it and I always thought it was just a little trail of where she'd been all day. It probably was, but now I understand a little better. She never had time to finish her cup before she was called away to something else by one of her 4 children! Eventually she always ended up back in the kitchen and I'm guessing it was just easier to pour herself a new cup instead of trying to figure out where she put the last one down before the latest interruption.

Now that CBS is done for the year, I'm finding the lack of routine distracting. The kids are more whiny today and into everything. There are little messes all over the house because they tire quickly of playing with something and move on to the next place to trash. I just sort of follow them around doing damage control - and I finally just finished my cup of very cold coffee. I guess I'll have to establish a new summer routine for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Any ideas?

Here are some pictures of the little mess makers from yesterday afternoon.

Luke is enjoying making silly mixed-up heads out of his Mr. Potato Head.

After her nap yesterday, it got really quiet in Erin's room. When I went in to check on her she was sitting on the stool reading. I had moved it away from the rocker so she wouldn't climb up on it.

I love how she crosses her legs.


MLE said...

Does the library have a set story hour that you can leave Luke at for an hour? How about swimming lessons? Maybe work out a kid-share program with a friend - have a play group so that you only have the whole group every few weeks or so, but there is a set appt. to get together with friends? Just some thoughts -- I have to entertain myself in the summer too (except now when I have a job).

Gayle and Rob said...

Well, I feel a little vindicated about the coffee cups! How about making it Terrific Tuesday during the summer - each week something different - build a tent in the backyard with clothes line and blankets; play with bandaids, cotton balls and other things Mom doesn't usually let you have; have a version of "Luke made supper" day; I'll bet there are other ideas online and I'll put my thinking cap on.

Annw said...

My boys conduct crazy Mr. Potato Head experiments, too! And I'm always reminded of the movie Toy Story when Mr. Potato Head mixes himself up and says, "Look! I'm a Picasso!"

Anne said...

HA! I spelled my own name wrong! Luckily the E and W are next to each other ... that's my excuse.

B said...

What a cutie! Although from our conversation this morning I could tell you've got your hands full. Tell you what, meet me in Chicago in June and I'll take 'em off your hands for a few days! :)