Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miss Personality

Erin's personality has really been coming out lately. She's still pretty sweet, but she's also got quite a character (in addition to a really annoying whine that I'm chalking up to her age and crossing my fingers that that's all it is). Here are some pictures from the past few days to show you what I mean - and a few of Luke thrown in, too.

Trying on Luke's sunglasses

It got cold enough to get out the hats and mittens - despite Luke still insisting on wearing shorts (that's his own personality coming out)

Very focused when watching TV - doesn't care about the camera like Luke does

The sign for "help" is one hand lifting the other hand up - this is how Erin does it, usually with her eyes WIDE open.

I'm letting her bangs grow out so now we have to put in pigtails every day to keep them out of her eyes - she won't leave clips in. I asked her to look at me to take a picture and these are what I got. Quite a ham.

Guess who she learned it from?

Coloring - for 2 minutes until she ate the orange crayon. And, yes, Luke is drilling his crayon.


Gayle and Rob said...

Can't wait to see them both - what a pair!

Anne said...

I'm so relieved to see you've got two yahoos on your hands, too. I thought I was the only one.

Anonymous said...

What adorable grandchildren you have given us. They make us laugh and then cry a bit as we are missing out on so much. Thankfully the blog keeps us in touch -- Love, Sharon

MLE said...

What a couple of cuties!