Friday, November 21, 2008


We're back to health! And so far, Luke hasn't gotten the virus either, so I think we're good for now. I'm glad it is all done now before mom and dad get here tomorrow. It's not fun to have guests while the kids are sick.

Here's Erin on Wednesday. She discovered why the kitty likes to sit under this little desk - there's a nice warm heating vent behind it!

Erin is learning the motions to "Away in a Manger." At first she didn't quite understand how to rock the baby for the first line, but as you can see she does it with gusto now. However, she never sits still enough to do the whole thing.

Here's what Luke does when we leave the house now. He puts on my fleece hat, usually with 1-5 cars or trains in it. I think there are about 5 in this picture.

And here's how I found him yesterday during quiet rest time:

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KTP said...

Just got caught up. Glad to see E's getting better.

Here's my latest BS (haha) about the library, you might enjoy it!