Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Video games and car crashes

Today I was sewing in the family room, working on some Christmas presents for the kids (it's nice to have kids that are still young and oblivious enough to work on surprises for them when they are right there). Luke found the remote for Alec's RC truck, which reminded him that his own RC tractor was put away and he hadn't played with it for a while. He asked if I would get it so we went into the other room where I became side-tracked from sewing and stayed. From another room, I could hear him talking about video games - I think the 8-year-old he hangs out with on Tuesdays has been bringing his little hand held thingy lately. When I peeked into the room again to see what they were doing, this is what I saw:

Luke had gotten both pairs of his sunglasses and put one on himself and the other on Erin - driving goggles. They were using the remotes as video game controllers and pretending to drive. He was talking about car crashes and wheels flying off and I got concerned that he had been playing games that I didn't know about. When I asked him how he knew about that, he explained to me that he had seen it. Duh. He watches "Cars" and NASCAR racing all the time.

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MLE said...

Kate -- it's the boy version of the two of us in our boosters with sunglasses and our dolls, driving our babies around (were we some sort of celebrity when we didn't even know what that was?). I think there was some baptizing involved as well though. Oh, how great is the imagination!