Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The in-law suite is coming along

Otherwise known as "the shed." It's pretty big.

Here's Luke last Wednesday. He's really enjoying these afternoons "helping" Daddy. He takes the junk drawer hammer and tape measure out with him.

This is a little video (soundless) of him playing on the frame. His balance is getting pretty good! Can't say the same for Erin, but at least she knows how to brush herself off.

This is how far Alec got on Wednesday.

I asked him to take a few pictures of me & the kids in the hammock. I never get to be in any. No surprise - posed pictures with them never turn out. I call this one "my retarded kids."

Seriously. That was about as good as they got. At least in the next one I looked OK. Erin looks like that because her latest thing is to fill her mouth with a drink, hold it in her cheeks chipmunk-style, and then let it dribble out if I don't first tell her not to spit.

Our blueberries getting bluer.

Here's the progress by Friday:

When I came out after getting Erin up from her nap I found Alec resting in the hammock and Luke pounding his little heart out with some scraps of wood and bent nails. He'd pound a nail about 2 times and then pull it out, whack whack, pull, whack whack, pull. Over and over. Great fun!

And here's today's progress. All the walls up.

Erin loves trucks. Wonder who she learned that from?

Oh, yeah. Him.


MLE said...

That was the lovliest group of pictures! I laughed out loud, especially since your comments are spot on! Nice to see the progress in your yard and the moments of fun with the kids!

Gayle and Rob said...

Ummm, what Em said! Loved the hammock pics.

Gayle and Rob said...

So, does the in-law house come with an outhouse?

Mrs. Fix said...

I love the pics on the hammock... and Erin's habit of spitting out her drink. I'm sure you don't like it, but it's funny to read about! :) The 'house' looks great!