Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Shameless Plug

I just wanted to let all the moms out there know about a really great product.

A few years ago I was having a problem with keeping Luke's pants up. A lot of pants now have internal belts - an elastic band with a row of buttonholes, similar to what's in maternity pants. However, plain blue jeans don't have that. And I also like the look of a belt. Unfortunately, regular belts are not helpful for kids who are being potty trained. They can't do the buckle themselves so it's hard to encourage independence in the bathroom.

After my mom and I did a little Google searching, we came across Myself Belts. These are the greatest invention! One end of the belt has a sturdy snap that goes around the first belt loop. The other end has velcro. They are very easy for kids to do by themselves and they come in lots of different designs and colors, including leather for dress pants. Luke has gone through 2 already and is now ready for a larger size.

The average price is $14.95 for an embroidered canvas belt. I think it is money well-spent. I have never had a problem with the construction and they are so colorful and fun.

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bob said...

Just a quick note... Old Navy jeans have the adjustable button/elastic band thingy... not that you have to buy them, but I see them every day, so... :)