Friday, May 07, 2010

Art & Crafting

Last month I realized that Erin has never used watercolors, so we hauled them out. I was surprised at how meticulous and careful she was - usually she is rough and speedy. She made lots of tiny little lines on about 3 pages and then she was done.

Here's her first ever watercolor painting:

Luke wanted to make a seascape and put fish stickers all over it.

His kind of coloring is generally the type Erin usually does.

Then Luke made a dragon. I was impressed. He's not usually so creative - he really spent a lot of time on this.

After watercolors, Erin moved on to Color Wonder markers.

And as long as we're showing creative accomplishments, here's my latest finished project. A crocheted baby blanket for one of the many expecting friends.

Luke asked if I would make one for him, too, because the yarn was so soft.


MLE said...

That blanket is beautiful!!! And the watercolor is lovely -- much like the great one by Luke that is hanging on my brand new fridge!!

Gayle and Rob said...

Katie - that blanket is beautiful. I have plenty of quilting to finish but that soft yarn looks like it would be nice to work with and I wouldn't have these big calluses on my fingers.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Hey Katie,
Thanks for your comment! I remember going through stages like that with different kids where we would go strawberry picking and one would cry the entire time! (Most memorable was Aiden when we were first learning about the SPD stuff! - He stepped in mud in the first five minutes and had a panic attack for the remainder of the time. It was absolutely miserable!) to look over your blog - your kids are adorable and Erin's hair is so straight and dark and pretty!
And the baby blanket you made is INCREDIBLE!!! It looks incredibly soft and comfy! - No wonder Luke wants you to make him one! :)
How long does something like that take you?! WOW!