Saturday, December 31, 2011

A few quick pics of the past week

Not sure I'm going to make it to midnight to ring in the new year - my eyelids are feeling heavy. Here's a quick photo recap of the last week.

Luke & Erin opening stockings on Christmas morning before church:

Caroline in her Christmas jammies (they say "My 1st Christmas):

Erin playing with one of her new horses (she got several):

Luke figuring out one of his new Lego sets - I love the hand on his chin:

Shortly after the previous picture, Luke changed into his new police officer costume, which he wore for the rest of the day. The padded chest cracks me up:

Erin playing peek-a-boo with Caroline:


Gayle and Rob said...

Thanks for the pictures of the kids - I'll try to add a few pictures to my letter tomorrow of our week. We're not staying up until midnight, but the neighbors are noisy and lots of people seem to have fireworks around here. hope it stops soon.

Anonymous said...

The pictures look cute! Looks like they had fun with their new toys. Ours have been having fun with their new Duplo people (they had lots of blocks but not many people before).

Really cute to see Erin playing peekaboo with Caroline. My youngest two have just started really playing together, and it's so adorable to see!