Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From the funny pages

After that last post I feel something a bit more light-hearted is necessary, so here's Alec's current favorite joke:
A man went into another house to do some work on it (much like Alec does for other folks). There was a big, scary looking dog there along with a parrot. The man treaded lightly so as not to disturb the dog, but while he worked the parrot kept saying, "Is that all you can do? Is that all you can do?" After a while the man got fed up and asked the bird, "Is that all you can say?" to which the bird replied, "Sic 'em."


After a few "off" days, Caroline is finally doing better. I think it was a combination of a couple days of irregular naps and the fact that I got too lax in watching what I was eating and she had a little relapse of her reflux. I was really careful yesterday and today and she had some super naps. Tonight was the first night since Friday that she went down to bed without crying first for about a half hour. I know - that doesn't sound so bad but she's really spoiled us with her great sleep habits. I do think she is working on a new skill because all of a sudden she's stopped sleeping through the night. Last night she was up 3 times again, but back down easily after a quick snack. I'm thinking she'll probably start rolling over soon. Then we'll really have fun at bedtime. Never having swaddled a baby before, I'm curious what will happen once she begins to roll. Will I still be able to swaddle her or will I have to get rid of the blanket then?

She has also begun a new trick - sucking on her tongue until her lips pull in. It's pretty funny to watch but I don't have any pictures of it yet. I'll try tomorrow.


Luke and Erin have been doing really well so far this week. I told them they have to have quiet rest time every day with no exceptions. Since everyone is home together all week alone time is important. They fussed with me about it, but they've been quiet in their rooms (well, one in their room and one in my room) each day for at least an hour and Erin even took a nap today. We'll see how late she falls asleep tonight, but right now it's 8:30 and they're still playing nicely.

A little newsy, but I'm sure Mom will appreciate it. That's why I'm trying to do this more often anyway (since I'm so bad at using the telephone).

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Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the latest post, but I read your latest and ran into this one. We were still swaddling when our little ones learned to roll over. But when they're really little, they tend to need to use their arms to throw their weight in order to roll. So if they stay fully-swaddled, they can't roll themselves anyway. If they escape the swaddle enough to roll... well, they've escaped the swaddle, so they're safe.

Also, ours usually rolled front to back first, so since they slept on their backs, that one didn't have much effect. By the time they could roll back to front, they could do the reverse if they needed to, so no danger of getting stuck. By that time they were generally too old to need the swaddle anyway.