Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 5: a slow-down and rest kind of day

Not a super exciting day but a needed day of rest, especially after yesterday's no-napper. We slept in, stayed in our jammies for a while, got out the crayons and basically just relaxed. Caroline is at the age where she's starting to be interested in coloring but she has to be supervised or everything ends up on the floor or in her mouth.

Mostly today Caroline just wanted to open and close the container and Erin got tired of that pretty quickly.

We had a late lunch since we had a late breakfast (these kinds of days tend to snowball, don't they?) and then Caroline went down for a nap a little after 1. She didn't sleep well last night so of course I didn't either and Luke and Erin were OK with quiet rest time. Luke stayed in his room and played with Legos the whole time and Erin came in bed with me. She slept while I read, which is resting for me. Amazingly, Caroline slept until after 4 so we were all pretty refreshed. Since it's Friday I made pizza for supper but we'll postpone movie night until tomorrow since Luke and Alec went to church.

Erin, Caroline and I watched a few Sesame Street videos on YouTube before I put Caroline to bed and by that time Alec and Luke were home already.  Not such an exciting finish to a slow day, but it felt like a good day anyway.

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