Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 6 update: sick kid AGAIN

Grr. Luke complained at bedtime that he wasn't feeling well. I'm assuming he just overdid it today and got really dehydrated. He said he had a headache so I gave him some Tylenol but I took his temperature and it was normal. He started crying when I told him he didn't have a fever. "Whenever I don't feel good and DON'T have a fever I throw up!" I put a small trash can up on his bunk just in case; I DID NOT want a repeat of 2 weeks ago when he didn't make it down in time.

Sure enough, he came down around 10:30. "Mom, I threw up." Poor kid emptied his stomach, but thankfully it all made it into the trash can. He said he felt better. I'm hoping it's just exhaustion. This happened last summer and I assumed it was heat stroke. I don't think it is this time since he didn't have a fever, but I think we'll have to be more careful about staying hydrated in the future.

I have to teach the children's class during worship tomorrow so if he's not better Alec will have to stay home this time. Joy. Germs don't stop for holidays.

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