Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The little flunker

The little flunker
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Here's how you win over someone's heart: smile and coo at them!

This afternoon we went to work. Luke is learning who all the new people in his life are and this is one that he will see often. This is Mary and she is the secretary for our church. She calls Luke "the little flunker" or "you gorgeous piece of male humanity" (I'm going to have to get her to lay off that one!). Luke sat by her this afternoon and "talked" with her (his newest thing - he makes noise continuously while you are talking and stops when you stop - we'll teach him convenional rules of conversation later).


Mom Underground said...

I personally kind of like the "Gorgeous piece of male humanity" moniker. It has a certain flair to it.

Uncle Bob said...

How cute! I can't wait to see my nephew!! Why exactly is he a 'flunker'?

Anonymous said...

And who really got him going on all that talking? The queen talker herself, Auntie Em. He started doing that when I sing--which could also be his way of trying to get me to shut up!

Mom said...

I am loving this "blogger stuff" - especially since it puts me in touch with all of you 'chilluns'. Is there a way to copy off the pictures?