Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thanks to our Japanese friends

tidal basin
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Today Luke and I took the Metro down to DC (his 4th or 5th time on the train already) with some friends. With 4 strollers, 5 kids, and 4 moms we had quite a caravan and I felt a little sorry for the people on the Metro. We walked down to the Jefferson Monument on the Tidal Basin to see the cherry trees in bloom. Unfortuately, the blooms weren't quite open yet, but the day was gorgeous! I was wearing a sweater here and was quite warm (especially carrying Luke).

Luke is not sleeping in this picture, just trying to keep the sun out of his face. This was the first time he rode in the front pack facing out and he really liked it. He's to the point where he likes to look around more. The other day in Target he fussed in his car seat until I took him out and he could look around.

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Mom Underground said...

I am very envious you can take a TRAIN to D.C. How cool. I took Gabe for a walk with the Baby Bjorn the other day and I couldn't remember when they can face out. It would be a lot more comfortable than having him drool down my shirt. I'll face him out next time!