Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rhymes with Luke

Well, Uncle Bob called the baby "Lukey" yesterday so here are some of the top reasons we're not going to let that fly:

* rhymes with dooky
* rhymes with broek-ie (broek being the Dutch for pants)

#1 reason: the combo of all 3, as in "Lukey did a dooky in his broeky."

Although this is often true, the mentioning of it in such manner is not something we (and by "we" I mostly mean THE DADDY) want to perpetuate. We have a few friends who speak such annoying baby-talk and we'd rather not do the same. We have another friend who has only ever spoken to her children in normal, grown-up speech and her kids are some of the most verbally gifted preschoolers we know.

Got that, Bobert?


Uncle Bob said...

Forgive me dear sister and brother... I meant no offense... I will call him Luke, and nothing else. But you know, sooner or later he is going to get a nickname you don't like... its a fact of life... I mean come on, you think Beth likes Beeper??? Or Emily that 'D' word... or you Miss Kater... I'll leave it at that... :) And Luke he shall be, and he shall be called Luke.

Mom Underground said...

Uh, speaking from the perspective of a parent of a preschooler with an extensive vocabulary who doesn't shut up, are you SURE you want don't want to stunt the vocab juuuuuust a little bit? :)

My grandma calls Gus "Gussie" and Gabe "Gabey." I HATE THIS. Those aren't even names - not like Jim to Jimmy or Bob to Bobby. Gussie? Gabey? Come on.