Monday, April 11, 2005

The joys of organization

I'm being completely serious. I love having a place for everything and then putting things in their place. The Container Store is one of my favorites - all these lovely options for putting things neatly away! My friend Lisa tells me I could sell my services and that people actually hire "professional organizers." Boggles my mind why someone can't figure out how to put stuff away, but I guess we're not all wired the same way.

Here are my great finds today (on sale, of course):

The under-shelf storage bin - solves the problem of wasted space between the tops of things and the bottom of the next shelf up. Especially handy when this is the only closet I have to store everything bathroom related.


And the lovely two-tier, under-sink organizer drawer. Much better than the gunky old plastic thing screwed to the door. Now all I need is some nice contact paper under everything to cover up the old scuffed-up wood.


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Mom Underground said...

Oooh. Me rikey rikey the undershelf organizer. Eliminating wasted space is very gratifying, isn't it?