Monday, April 11, 2005

Couch Potato? Try Bookworm!

Mom's aide at school said that Luke is definitely a couch potato already so I took a few pictures today of Luke doing what he does best (besides making an awesome stinky diaper).

Here he is in the "studious" pose:


And here he is showing that he can be entranced in a good story just as much as moving pictures on a screen:


So, what's the new verdict, aide lady?


Uncle Bob said...

personally I love the glasses on Lukey, I think he's following in the family tradition of having bad eyes... we can only hope Alec's genes help him out on that one!! He is so cute Katie!! I can't wait to see him in a week and a half!

Grandpa B said...

Are you leaving a few stories for me to read to Luke? Cute pictures!